USCIS Closes Havana Field Office

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) permanently closed its field office in Havana, Cuba, as of December 10, 2018. The USCIS field office in Mexico City, Mexico, will assume the Havana field office's jurisdiction over U.S. immigration matters for individuals who are in Cuba. The U.S. Department of State in Havana "will also assume responsibility for certain services previously handled by USCIS," the agency said.

USCIS noted that U.S. embassy visa services in Havana have been almost entirely suspended since November 2017 due to a drawdown in staffing as a result of attacks affecting the health of U.S. embassy employees there. The Department of State and USCIS "continue to explore options to resume consular and other immigration services in alternate locations," USCIS said.

The announcement, which includes details on filing instructions for individuals who live in Cuba or who petition for residents in Cuba, is at Information on the USCIS Mexico City field office is at