Our Technology Platform

Chin & Curtis uses Immigration Tracker by Tracker Corp, the leading online case tracking and case management system.  This system is accessible to our clients at no additional cost.  Our robust, encrypted web interface allows authorized employees, such as human resources staff, to view detailed data about cases at any time, including actions, deadlines, documents received and needed, case notes, and more.  The system not only allows us to provide in-house counsel and human resources staff with a multitude of reports to meet your needs, but also allows authorized personnel to view and print their own customized reports at any time.

Providing complete immigration advice generally requires access to personal immigration documentation.  This documentation can be provided to us as hard copy or electronically by mail or email.  But, if the situation warrants, our Immigration Tracker system can also be used by employees to complete comprehensive questionnaires, upload documents in an encrypted connection to the web and receive uploaded documents from us, and review the progress of their cases online.  Our corporate clients have the option of making this system available to their employees.