Global Practice

Chin & Curtis provides global immigration services through a vetted, global network of service providers and a dedicated relationship with a partnering U.S. law firm.  Chin & Curtis’ global presence is enhanced through our partner firms, facilitating truly global coverage and local treatment of all cases for our international clients. Our network locations include 21 major international destinations outside the United States, and we have a robust supplemental network of local providers around the world.  This global network is comprised of lawyers who have received the highest level of recognition in their home countries for their excellence in providing immigration law, visa, and work permit counsel to multinational companies.  We work either directly with in-country service providers or through our law firm partner. 

Chin & Curtis offers its multinational clients the benefit of having all immigration processes worldwide managed by a single law firm. We work with our clients to consolidate global immigration compliance initiatives, oversee global immigration compliance, and ensure that all global immigration issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner.  Our approach to global immigration incorporates the highly technical and analytical nature of practice in U.S. immigration law, thereby ensuring that each individual assignment is fully addressed as a matter of legal and regulatory compliance, rather than a simple matter of foreign paperwork.

In every destination country, we offer the following immigration services:

  • Evaluation of assignment and determination of appropriate immigration status, taking into account the intended activities, nationality, and assignment duration of each employee.
  • Preparation and filing of employment authorization applications with the appropriate authority.
  • Coordination of case preparation among different client offices to ensure consistency across jurisdictions and corporate authorization of immigration filings.
  • Preparation and filing of applications for employment and family derivative visas at consulates abroad, as required.
  • Preparation and filing of employment visa applications at consulates abroad, as required.
  • Preparation and filing of residence permit applications and police registrations, as required.
  • Coordination and acquisition of required international document authentications and translations.
  • Coordination and acquisition of police records needed for immigration applications.