Corporate Services

Chin & Curtis has been providing comprehensive immigration services to businesses, nonprofits and other employers for more than two decades.  We have a particularly strong exposure to multinational enterprises, and for more than 20 years we have represented international companies in all U.S. immigration matters including nonimmigrant visa procurement, permanent residence and naturalization, legal compliance, and immigration policy drafting.  We are equally experienced and skilled at working with start-ups, small companies, universities, schools and other educational and research institutions.  We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ needs.  We recognize that immigration is far from a one-size-fits-all practice and that any migration, especially one involving a manager or executive and his or her family, requires special awareness.

Our structure allows us to provide immediate attorney responses to client inquiries.  We are always ready to take the time to strategize with clients so as to ensure that all questions are answered and there is a high level of comfort and confidence -- whether that means explaining the niceties of the visa application process at a U.S. consulate abroad, under what circumstances an accompanying spouse can work in the United States, the possibilities for an eventual permanent residence case, how to obtain a social security card, or even talking about the problems associated with moving a child’s pet.  On the other hand, we partner with our clients to create unique and customized processes when called for that result in significant efficiencies while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service.  We leverage these efficiencies to offer our clients immediate turnaround for international and domestic transfer cases, seamless handling of immigration compliance issues, and effective communication across the board.