Leslie Ditrani

Leslie Ditrani
Co-Managing Partner
Tel: (617) 864-1166
Fax: (617) 482-2443

Leslie Ditrani is Co-Managing Partner of Chin & Curtis, LLP and has been practicing immigration law for more than 25 years.   Leslie has a broad expertise in business and family immigration matters as well as significant experience in creative and effective approaches for all of her clients.  Her business experience encompasses a wide range of enterprises from start-ups and entrepreneurs to established businesses.  She works closely with employers to enable them to hire and retain the talent that they need.  A deep understanding of immigration laws enables her to find creative solutions and assist clients through even the most complex situations. 

Leslie is committed to contributing to the local community, and in 2016 she was named one of the original commissioners on the Cambridge Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship, whose mission is to address the needs of Cambridge’s immigrant community.  In 2017, Leslie was made a member of the Board of Directors of the American Immigration Council, a nonprofit voice in promoting laws, policies, and attitudes that honor our proud history as a nation of immigrants. In 2018, Leslie was made a member of the Northeastern University School of Law Alumni Board where she has provided leadership and guidance to Northeastern University law students and alumni.  This year, Leslie organized a citizenship day for NUSL students and alumni in coordination with Project Citizenship.  

Leslie also serves the large community of immigration lawyers in New England through her leadership of the AILA New England Immigration Law Conference.  In addition to her service to the New England legal community, Leslie has committed herself to the representation of individuals seeking asylum in the United States.  She has undertaken the pro bono representation of asylum seekers from Uganda fleeing persecution and domestic violence, as well as volunteering with the Dilley Pro Bono Project, a local partner in the Immigration Justice Campaign, which operates a non-traditional pro bono model of legal services that directly represents immigrant mothers and children detained at the 2,400-bed South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. The vast majority of families detained here are fleeing extreme violence in Central America and elsewhere and are seeking asylum in the United States. Leslie’s passion for immigrant rights and justice is also reflected in her status as a PAIR pro bono attorney and a volunteer attorney for CLSACC, the Cambridge Community Legal Services and Counseling Center.

Leslie received a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1986 and earned a Juris Doctor in 1994 from the Northeastern University School of Law.  Leslie is on the Board of Directors of the American Immigration Council, and is Chair of the Annual AILA New England Immigration Law Conference.  In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, yoga, as well as practicing meditation.