Chin & Curtis Global: Peru

On January 7, 2017, the New Law of MIGRACIONES, Legislative Decree No. 1350, was published in the Official Gazette, "El Peruano." The new law and regulations, approved by Supreme Decree No. 007-2017-IN, have been in force since March 1, 2017.

This new immigration legislation has instituted a series of changes and the creation of new migratory statuses. One of these changes concerns investors. The new law allows a foreigner to establish, develop, or manage one or more lawful investments in Peru.

The amount of the investment and other conditions are established by regulation. Eligibility requirements include:

A) An investment equal to or higher than 500,000.00 Peruvian Sol (PEN), equivalent to approximately US$155,275. The investment amount can be modified by Superintendence Resolution.

B) Serving only as manager or director of a foreign person's own company, for which he or she must comply with the corresponding labor or tax rules. This position of the foreigner is not included in quotas for the local company’s payroll, established in Legislative Decree No. 689 (Law of Hiring of Foreign Personnel) and its regulations. Under no circumstances may the foreign person support the investment through the transfer of shares.

MIGRACIONES is the authority that grants this migratory status. The Investor visa allows multiple entries. The foreign individual receives a resident permit (foreign card/carné de extranjería) for 365 days, renewable while the same conditions exist.

Procedurally, there are two alternative ways to obtain Investor status. First, an "obtainment visa process" implies that all the necessary documentation is submitted at MIGRACIONES offices in Peru; however, the applicant remains abroad initially. Once his or her visa is approved, he or she collects it from the Peruvian consulate previously chosen. Then he or she comes to Peru to finish the process. This procedure takes 30 working days from the time of initial filing. Alternatively, a "change of immigration status (in-country) process" implies that the foreign national enters Peru in tourist or business migratory status, then applies at MIGRACIONES for the Investor visa and submits the required documentation. This procedure takes 60 working days from the time of initial filing.